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Campdale Albums provide presentation solutions for photographers. We supply albums for Digital Imaging, Traditional Weddings, Contempory Weddings, Photojournalistic Weddings, Reportage Weddings. Our albums can be used in the Scrapbook Style, Paste on the page Style, used with Overlays, used with Underlays, we have albums with tissue between the pages. We supply albums for Portrait Photography. We supply made to order designer albums and folders.We supply the Welon Hot Foil Press and the Welon Cold Emboss Press, we supply the FX files. We supply consertina folios. We supply UK, USA, Eire.

Album Accessories

Aluminium Cases

Aluminium cases are available for

  • 35 x 35cm Albums
  • 30 x 40 Album
  • 40 x 50 Album
  • They are of aluminium design with the same material as some of the albums on the fron and back of the case.
Album Boxes

Album boxes

There are two different replacement boxes (optional) available to put the Classic style Asian 30 x 30cm Albums in. An attractive gold patten, either with the Classic style 'Wedding' or with with a Barra Design.

26 underlay colours

Underlay Colours

Underlay is available in a variety of colours to help you be creative with your album design.

Atg Glue Gun

Scotch Atg Glue Gun

How do you stick your images into your albums. Our suggestion is the Scotch Atg Glue Gun

Black Card Fillers

A new idea to help you put LESS pages into your Albums

They are available in various lenghts, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 50cm. The idea is they are just the width of the hinge part of the page, so they fill the spine without being seen.

Welon Blocking Press

Can be used to block Albums and Folders, or anything else you can think of!

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